Congress is scrambling to pass a short-term federal budget as the threat of another government shutdown looms just weeks before the presidential election. Source: P&C, HuffPost

The Greenville Zoo recently got a new giraffe. Zoo officials: “He is much taller than we expected…” Source: Greenville News

The National Action Network is calling for the resignation of the Jamestown, S.C. police chief after he made racist comments on Facebook, including “What’s that saying? Once you go black, you’re a single mom?” Source: Live 5

A third night of protests in Charlotte was largely peaceful. A midnight curfew will remain in place tonight. After saying he has no plans to release the footage yesterday, Charlotte police chief now says that the release of police camera footage of the original fatal police shooting incident is “a matter of when.” Source: Charlotte Observer

New York Times Editorial: “Release the Charlotte Police Video”

House Republican leaders have hired former U.S. attorney Bill Nettles to handle correspondence with state investigators in the ongoing corruption inquiry into Republican members of the House. Nettles originally prosecuted ex-Speaker Bobby Harrell for corruption in 2014. Source: Free Times/P&C

Nobody really seems to know much (or want to say much) about a supposed deal to revive the I-526 project which involves the county pitching in on port improvements and some money from the $2 billion county referendum on the ballot. Council Chair Elliott Summey has allegedly been working to broker a deal behind the scenes, but he and council colleagues are remaining tight-lipped and Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg said he doesn’t know anything about it. Source: P&C