State and federal investigators have reportedly been asking S.C. politicians about a purported illegal vote-trading scheme around the re-election bid of State Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Toal earlier this year. [The State, G’ville]

Myrtle Beach decided last week that it will raise property taxes to pay for increased police and security planning for next year’s Memorial Day Bikefest. [Sun News]

A S.C. man serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter is rallying support to allow prisoners to keep access to social networks as a way to keep up with people outside the prison walls. [P&C]

New York Times profiles South Carolina native Aziz Ansari ahead of two shows this week at New York’s Madison Square Garden. [NYT]

The Times also travels to Savannah to shine light on the brutal history behind some of the region’s popular historic landmarks, now part of the area’s booming tourism industry. [NYT]

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will speak at the Citadel on Tuesday as the 2016 contender outlines proposals to boost defense spending this week. [Politico]

AP headline: T-Rav runs hard for U.S. Senate, “but can’t outrun demons” [P&C/AP]

A new Winthrop Poll shows that a little more than half of the state’s likely voters are against a proposed gas tax increase that would fund road improvements. [The State]

Billboards have popped up around Boeing’s North Charleston facility urging support for the local Machinists union, which we reported in August would begin ramping up local operations late this year. [P&C, CP]

SCANA and SCE&G may be paying more than $1 billion to contractors on the V.C. Summer nuclear facility expansion to compensate for inflation and delays since the project’s inception in 2007. [AP, CRBJ]