The State Supreme Court ruled against Kiawah Development Partners on Wednesday, the builder who wanted to build a sea wall and road along an eroding strip of land on the Kiawah River known as Captain Sam’s Spit to allow access to a proposed luxury home development. Source: P&C

With prices at around $70 a barrell now, Boeing executives are watching the price of crude oil as it continues to ramp up production of its Dreamliner 787, which is sold as a fuel-efficient jet liner. Source: P&C

The attorneys who represented a Charleston couple who filed suit against the state to allow their marriage application to be issued are trying to recover $150,000 in legal fees from the state in a request filed with a federal judge yesterday. Source: P&C

Also yesterday, a federal judge said it no longer needed to consider a same-sex couple’s challenge to the state DMV’s policy on name changes after the state was forced to recognize the couple’s marriage last month. Source: AP

As the 2015 legislative session approaches, House and Senate lawmakers are once again butting heads over how to enact ethics reform. Source: P&C

Upstate Congressman Trey Gowdy is one of four sponsors of a bill that would force the feds to enforce national drug laws, targeting states that have legalized marijuana. Source: Politico

Gowdy also says he’s “keenly aware” that there are some Democrats and Republicans who don’t see a further need for a special committee he heads tasked with investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks. Source: NYT

Fresh off a three-year probation that ended in August, USC’s Kappa Sigma fraternity has been kicked off campus for five years after hazing, alcohol, and drug violations by more than 80 members. Source: The State

After 24 years, this season’s ‘Low Country Singing Christmas Tree’ at Summerville Baptist will be the church’s last. Source: Summerville Journal Scene