[image-1] On Tuesday, S.C. lawmakers got an earful from teachers about a bill that aims to be the starting point for education reform. Issues teachers expressed included that they weren’t included in the drafting of the bill, it doesn’t focus enough on fixing the staffing crisis, and the bill would create another layer of bureaucracy by creating a politically appointed committee. Source: AP

The Original Six Foundation, founded by former S.C. governor Nikki Haley in 2011, announced on Tuesday that she will be returning to the nonprofit. The Original Six Foundation focuses on education in poor rural parts of S.C. She will continue to be based in New York City. Source: P&C

If you see an orange alligator, it probably just woke up from its rust nap. S.C. Department of Natural Resources says the orange color is from the gators hibernating in rusty water, and that they will eventually turn back to their normal color. Source: WYFF

Mayor Tecklenberg campaigned on the promise to slow down the “hotelification” of Charleston and so far has come up empty on the pledge. Among the reasons posited are that he can’t get other city council members on board. Source: P&C