Photo by Antoine Julien on Unsplash

[image-1]Nightclubs use legal loophole to continue to operate. Although Gov. Henry McMaster closed "nightclubs," legally there are no businesses that are categorized that way in the state of South Carolina. Bars that would be considered nightclubs — or even promote themselves as nightclubs — can say they run a bar or restaurant and remain open. Source: P&C

New S.C. House committee  to review law enforcement policies. The South Carolina House of Representatives' new Equitable Justice System and Law Enforcement Reform Committee, will review "all facets" of law enforcement, including police tactics, forfeiture, and sentencing. The committee was created in the wake of the police brutality protests after police killed George Floyd in May. Source: AP

Six school plans approved; Charleston County not among them. The State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman approved six school district plans to reopen — Charleston County's plan was not one of them. The criteria to be approved include offering a virtual and face to face option and a timetable to reassess opening plans. Source: Williamston Journal

Don't plant mystery seeds. Across the country people are receiving seeds in the mail from China that they didn't order. The South Carolina Department of Agriculture is warning people not to open, handle, or plant them. If you receive some, save the seeds and the packaging in a zip-top bag and contact the APHIS Smuggling Interdiction and Trade Compliance program. Source: Live 5 News