Jim Carrey, an artist and actor best known for his role in 90s classic Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, created a portrait of S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham. Carrey regularly tweets caricatures based on current events. This is the second time Graham has been the subject of Carrey’s art. Source: Twitter


Charleston International Airport is hoping to open a premium passenger lounge in 2019. The lounge would be accessible after passengers go through the security. To enter it is a $40 a day fee, or you must have a premium credit card. Source: iFlyCHS

Last September was the hottest on record, coming in two degrees higher than the previously set record in 2016. Before you break out your sweaters, the federal Climate Prediction Center predicts October will be warmer than usual too. Source: P&C

Charleston is known as both a food and wedding destination, so it’s no surprise that Food Network star Alton Brown and restaurant designer Elizabeth Ingram got married in Charleston over the weekend. Source: P&C