U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham recently sat down for possibly the most ridiculous interview he’s ever done with CNN, fielding random questions drawing from cards about Bond girls, dating, House of Cards, and more. Graham: “This is why I’m at 1 percent!” Source: CNN

As the state kicks off its annual holiday crackdown on drunk driving, Attorney General Alan Wilson in the Greenville News: Drunk driving is a thoughtless, reckless act.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley gave the winter commencement speech at the University of South Carolina yesterday, less than a month before he’s set to leave the mayor’s office. Source: P&C, The State

The local NAACP calls for Charleston School Board Chair Cindy Bohn Coats to step down, saying “she is in the wrong job,” as the district starts to dig out of a $18 million budget hole. As a result of the shortfall, the district will move to zero-based budgeting, which means the district will craft an entirely new budget each year instead of starting with the previous year’s. Source: P&C

The State editorial columnist Cindi Scoppe on the ethical mess the state faces: “Why ‘none of your business’ is a legal answer to how lawmakers spend campaign money”