An order handed down by State Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald Beatty earlier this month to have local courts scrutinize their practices to benefit the accused has caused Charleston County to recall thousands of arrest warrants for minor crimes as the county re-examines its policies. Source: P&C

The State has records that shows more than $200,000 in expenses passed off by SCE&G executives that were rejected by state regulators, including a $14,000 chartered flight to pick up paperwork and a $24 trip to Hooters. Source: The State

A new Winthrop poll shows that racial divides persist among Southerners, particularly on issues of social change, economics, and (no surprise) Confederate monuments representing the leaders of the war to preserve slavery. Source: P&C

SLED video obtained by P&C shows state Sen. Paul Campbell’s arrest over the weekend when he was charged with DUI and lying to police. The footage shows Campbell insisting he wasn’t driving, a position he’s maintained in court, and lamenting that the incident could cost him his job as CEO of the county aviation authority. Source: P&C

Steve Bannon’s appearance at The Citadel tomorrow will be attended by Gov. Henry McMaster and two Republican candidates challenging him—Catherine Templeton will introduce the Breitbart leader and Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant’s camapaign is sponsoring the event. Source: P&C

State Rep. Jerry Govan (D-Orangeburg) has been arrested and charged with assault of one of his colleagues, Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter during a verbal confrontation in May. Source: The State