With some 1,900 applications for 52 seats at Buist Academy, Charleston families have a better chance of getting their kids into exclusive Ivy League universities than the downtown magnet K-8 school. Source: P&C

More from Paul Bowers: “While demand has grown every year since, the supply of available seats has stayed more or less the same. As families pull their children out of neighborhood schools, some of these traditional schools have been left behind, sitting less than half-full with flagging academic reputations.”

At the same time, the state is looking harder at consolidating small, rural school districts, some of which have less than 1,000 students. Source: P&C

$2,000: The starting price for the first Courier Square apartments set to come online soon. Source: P&C

We’re still learning more from public documents unearthed by watchdog group Public Access for Public Records regarding Midlands Solicitor Dan Johnson, including thousands in untracable petty cash to local groups. Source: The State

Cindi Scoppe op-ed: “Why are we letting failing charter schools game the system, and send us the bill?”

Surprise: Charleston is one of Southern Living‘s favorite places.