Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said yesterday that he’d end his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination. Source: NYT

Student leaders of University of South Carolina fraternities have voted out the group’s president, Tim Bryson, after he temporarily suspended 13 chapters during rush for alcohol violations. Bryson: “Finding common sense out of stupidity is difficult.” Source: The State

219: The number of times state-owned buses broke down during the first five weeks of the new school year in Charleston County. Source: P&C

Local police agencies have received money from the federal government to improve their departments. North Charleston will get $1.875 million and Summerville gets $500,000 under a DOJ grant, and Charleston will get $25,264 from another DOJ program to be used for body cameras. Source: P&C

The fight over Longborough park in Wagener Terrace will likely take another step tonight as City Council weighs taking the property through eminent domain. Source: P&C

A federal judge appointed a Columbia defense attorney to defend Joey Meek, the friend of Dylann Roof who was arrested last week over what law enforcement says he knew about Roof’s planned attack. Source: The State

The company building along the Mount Pleasant waterfront with high-rise condos plans to build a five-story residential building on Concord Street near the Aquarium and a planned 100-room Starwood hotel. Source: P&C