Beachgoers beware, Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish have been reported on Folly Beach. Officials ask you report any sightings by calling dispatch at 843-588-2433. If you’re stung, City officials advise to treat any stings with vinegar and soaking in hot water. (PS – Urinating on a sting, besides adding insult to injury, can actually cause the stingers to release more venom.) Source: City of Folly Beach FB

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is calling for a quieter hurricane season with their  updated 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook. Before you crack into your supplies and jinx it, the season doesn’t end until Nov. 1. Source: NOAA

After President Donald Trump referred to her as a “flamingo dancer” at a rally, Maria Belen Chapur, Argentinian journalist/Appalachian Trail hiking partner to Rep. Mark Sanford, responded to the president’s personal attack on Facebook, calling for Trump to have some respect for people besides those in his inner circle. Source: Post and Courier 

South Carolina and five other states have signed on to a Texas lawsuit that hopes to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Source: Politico