The Post and Courier reports that Gov. Henry McMaster and Richard Quinn and Associates firm were paid a combined $1 million to do work for USC for four years starting in 2011. McMaster says he was hired to “raise money for the law school,” but the now-governor also “was pivotal,” P&C reporter Andy Shain says, to the school winning $10 million in funding from the state legislature. The other firm involved is reportedly the subject of an ongoing state ethics investigation. Source: P&C

A choice quote from the report: “McMaster told The Post and Courier he was pleased with his efforts.”

McMaster’s critics say the governor is doing too much campaigning and not enough governing. Source: The State

Campaigning in CharlestonM yesterday, McMaster called on help from local Republicans to help kill efforts to raise taxes to pay for roads. Source: P&C

As Georgetown seeks to redevelop its waterfront, with eyes toward demolishing its landmark eyesore steel mill, the company that closed it in 2015 says it is about to finalize a deal to sell it, opening up the possibility that it could be restarted. Source: P&C

After state lawmakers gathered in the Statehouse lobby this week to pressure the state Senate to take action, the Senate adjourned yesterday for the week without taking action. Source: P&C, Greenville News