A Charleston-area man spotted in a New York Times photo with the accused murderer from the alt-right Charlottesville protests was outed by local activists online yesterday, reportedly leading to his dismissal from work. Source: P&C

So far, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, accused of being racist sympathizer during his confirmation hearing, issued a strong rebuke Monday of the racist protests on Monday, drawing a more direct line between the protesters and the deadly reaction to counter-protesters than President Donald Trump, who issued a more forceful statement Monday. Source: NYT

Gov. Henry McMaster says that he doubts any monuments memorializing Confederate leaders will come down, saying that “I think our people are different,” speaking of South Carolinians. Source: P&C

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham is still pushing for an extension of federal tax credits that would pump billions of dollars to the failed VC Summer nuclear project in S.C. Source: AP

A federal judge ruled on Monday that an experimental seawall designed to protect high-rise condos on Isle of Palms has to come down over concerns that it impairs nesting sea turtles’ access to beach dunes. Source: P&C

Downtown restaurant workers say they need more help from the city to relieve them of the high cost of parking in the central tourist areas of town. Source: P&C

Pastor Thomas Dixon says he’ll run for mayor of North Charleston in 2019 with longtime Mayor Keith Summey expecting to run for re-election. Source: P&C