[image-1] McMaster wants you to wear a mask. Despite the numbers of coronavirus cases spiking in the state, Governor Henry McMaster said “the answer is individual responsibility, not mandates from the government.” Instead of taking action, he urged South Carolinians to wear masks and social distance. Source: The State

Don’t throw away your stimulus. A midlands woman almost threw away her stimulus money when it came as a debit card. If you have not yet received your stimulus money, be careful to not throw away any cards you’re sent. Source: WIS

Trump won’t rename bases named after Confederates. President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday his administration would not consider changing any of the names of military bases that are named for Confederates. Source: P&C

Yelp adds black-owned business features. Yelp is adding a feature that would allow for businesses to designate themselves as being black-owned. They said the feature would be rolled out in the next two weeks. Source: Charleston Regional Business Journal

Good news. Staff at Roper St. Francis celebrated the discharge of a COVID-19 patient that had been in the hospital for eight weeks. Source: P&C