[image-1] On the heels of the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla. that killed 17 people last week, Gov. Henry McMaster said on Thursday that he would sign a bill allowing teachers to have guns on campus. One such bill, the Jacob Hall School Protection Act, sits in the House Committee on Judiciary. “If it comes to my desk, I’ll sign it,” McMaster said. “All of these bills have to be fine-tuned and have things taken away and added, but whatever I can do to make things safer in the schools for the children, I will do.” Source: foxcarolina.com, wcnc.com

The state’s Democrats have joined the chorus of states legally challenging South Carolina’s winner-take-all system, in which delegates are awarded to whatever candidate wins the popular vote. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Charleston, argues that the system discriminates against minority voters and discards the results of the popular vote. 48 states do the same thing. Similar lawsuits were filed in California, Massachusetts, and Texas. Source: P&C

A woman in a predominantly black neighborhood in Summerville says she’s taking down her Confederate battle flag after a recent heart attack and triple bypass surgery. “Well, I finally had an eye-opening experience,” she said. The flag might end up in the hands of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Source: P&C

Police are searching for a woman in connection to four-year-old Heidi Todd’s abduction. Todd was eventually found safe in Alabama, but the man who abducted her, Thomas Lawton Evans, was driving Sharon Hayden’s car two days before he kidnapped Todd and took her across state lines. Source: Live5 News