Gov. Henry McMaster vetoed a bill that would have allowed nonviolent offenders a chance to have the crimes removed from their records. In his message vetoing the bill, which business leaders support, McMaster said, “criminal history, like all history, should not be erased,” a line often repeated in the context of removing Confederate flags or or changing monuments to the Confederacy. Source: P&C

Gov. McMaster is “getting rewarded” for his decision to send a National Guard helicopter to assist border patrols, dining at the White House residence today. Source: P&C

An hour or so away from the failed VC Summer nuclear project sits the troubled mixed-oxide fuel production facility at Savannah River Site, a project that may be headed toward the same fate as VC Summer after more than $7 billion has been spent on it. Source: P&C

Mirroring their colleagues striking in other states, S.C. teachers held a Statehouse rally on Saturday in support of political candidates they say will make education and educators a priority. Source: P&C

Washington Post headline: “2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than service members”