Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash

[image-1]Hospitals say more patients ‘not a fluke.’ South Carolina’s COVID-19 hospitalizations have almost tripled in the last month. State hospital officials say it is not a fluke and not attributable to asymptomatic patients. Their explanation? More people are getting sick. Source: P&C

No insurance, no problem (for coronavirus tests). Those without health insurance can get tested for the coronavirus for free through the state’s Medicaid program. Starting Tuesday, uninsured South Carolinians can apply to have their doctors reimbursed for conducting the tests back to March 18. Source: The State

More at-home deaths. The Anderson County Coroner’s Office officials reported that calls for service — calls when a person dies somewhere other than a hospital — have increased by 36 percent, attributed to people’s reluctance to get medical care because of the coronavirus. Source: WYFF

Harrison raises $13.9 million. Jaime Harrison raised more than $13.9 million for his campaign to replace Sen. Lindsey Graham — double the amount he raised when he out-raised Graham earlier this year. Source: NYT

City will enforce brandishing weapon laws. The City of Charleston will start enforcing a law against brandishing a weapon in public. Brandishing is defined as waving aggressively. The enforcement comes “in light of recent events”, namely clashes over Confederate monuments. If found brandishing a weapon, the suspect can be arrested and the weapon destroyed. Source: P&C