Mother Emanuel was already one of the state’s most well-known churches before the June 17 killings in the Calhoun Street building’s basement, but the ways the shooting has changed the church is still playing out. The coming months will see work continue on an elevator for the building, a memorial, and preparation for further structural improvements. Source: P&C

James Comey, the director of the FBI, said on Friday that a background check system designed to flag illegal gun purchase inquiries failed to stop Dylann Roof from buying the gun that it’s alleged he used to kill nine at Mother Emanuel. Gov. Nikki Haley, who told Meet the Press on Sunday that the FBI said it was a federal issue, not state, says she wants more details about caused the breakdown. Source: AP, NYT, NBC, The State

Watch Haley’s full appearance Sunday on MTP:

The Post and Courier recounts how legislative Democrats lost and ultimately regained the votes needed to lower the Confederate flag over the course of last week. Source: P&C

From Friday’s Washington Post: A telegram from Hermann Goering to Adolf Hitler in 1945 that’s said to have driven Hitler to ultimately commit suicide sat forgotten in a S.C. bank deposit box after being swiped by an American soldier from South Carolina near World War II’s end and being later handed in as part of a Citadel senior thesis. The telegram sold at auction last week for $55,000. Source: WaPo

CNN headline: “Graham on Trump: He came in like a ‘wrecking ball'”

Mayor Joe Riley says that he expects to raise the $75 million needed to build the International African American Museum before he leaves office early next year. Source: P&C

A Charleston group is working to rally to light the Ravenel Bridge green during St. Patrick’s Day, a request that state DOT says it’s open to investigating if the group gets the blessing from Charleston and Mount Pleasant leaders. Source: P&C