[image-1]Mt. Pleasant Town Council passed an ordinance Tuesday night that aims to cut the number of new residential development permits in half to 600. Currently, the town grants 1,200 permits for residential developments. Source: WCSC

The state’s flood panel has started looking at ideas to mitigate the flooding issues coming across the state. Among the ideas proposed are a manmade reef 500 feet off the shore and another man-made lake. Source: P&C

An unexpected consequence of the government shutdown: no new craft beers can be approved because the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Tax Trade Bureau is closed. They are responsible for approving labels, recipes, and licensing. Re-open the government! Source: WCSC

Congressman Joe’s doing work already: Charleston’s new representative announced he plans on filing a bill to ban offshore drilling for ten years. Source: City Paper

For the first time in 150 years, the lieutenant governor will not preside over . Senate. A new position called the “President of the Senate” was created, which will be filled by Republican Sen. Harvey Peeler from Gaffney. Source: AP