$125 billion: The amount a study reportedly buried by the Department of Defense says the agency could save over five years. Source: WaPo

The state Senate appears poised to make it easier for legislation to be able to make it through the chamber without being held up by single members. Source: The State

Former state labor and DHEC chief Catherine Templeton is the latest S.C. official to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. Congressman Mick Mulvaney also met with Trump yesterday and is reportedly in the running to lead OMB. Source: P&C

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott said during a speech in Gaffney yesterday that he might be able to be more effective in the U.S. Senate than if he ran for governor, but he’s not completely ruled out a run. Source: P&C

A look at how they covered the Slager mistrial:

NYT: “The outcome was disappointingly familiar to critics of police practices and conduct, and demonstrated the steep hurdles associated with prosecuting a police officer for a shooting while on duty.”

P&C: “Declaring a hung jury, a judge ordered a mistrial for Michael Slager, the patrolman who fired eight gunshots in 2.7 seconds of video footage that became a lasting image amid a national inspection of police uses of force.”

WaPo: “Officers are infrequently charged for deadly on-duty shootings, and convictions in such cases are even less common.”

WaPo columnist Steven Hale: “Walter Scott and the presumption of guilt for black Americans”