CARTA is asking the City of North Charleston to take over a long-debated transit hub project at the current Amtrak station near Rivers and East Montague Avenue. Transit authorities say the city is better suited to handle the high-dollar project than cash-strapped CARTA. Source: P&C

Early headline on P&C story yesterday: “Man shot in the butt at Frankie’s Fun Park in North Charleston.”

Speaking of the Post and Courier, social media columnist and multiple-time Best Twitter Account-winner Andy Paras announced yesterday that he’d be transitioning to ABC News 4 next week to take over social media for their evening broadcasts and maybe even dabble a little in TV production. Source: WCIV-TV

The South Carolina chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha has been suspended after an 18-year old member was found dead in an off-campus home on Wednesday morning in Columbia. Authorities have ruled the death “suspicious” and are investigating. Source: AP, The State

Former Clyburn aide and City Paper columnist Clay Middleton will reportedly be the South Carolina state director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential primary campaign. Former governor and Secretary of Education Dick Riley, who served under President Bill Clinton, will reportedly be the formal state chairman of the campaign. Source: WaPo

Charleston School of Law is reportedly working through the process of offering buyouts for some senior-level faculty as the school tries to work out a possible sale to a for-profit company and resolve financial challenges. Source: P&C

Two years after he left his adopted home in Anderson, Kevin the cat managed to sneak aboard a U-Haul bound for California recently, making it all the way across the country to the Arizona-California border, where the stoaway was discovered by a state Food and Agriculture inspector. California’s Riverside County is coordinating his return to the Upstate. Source: G’ville News/Desert Sun

House Speaker Jay Lucas says that with the state budget debate over, after Easter, the S.C. House will begin debate on a roads and highways budget fix. A Senate panel is considering a bill that would allow the governor, instead of lawmakers, to appoint the state DOT board. Source: CRBR

Senators are also weighing language that would add an exception to a proposed 19-week abortion ban for fetal abnormalities. Source: The State

Former U.S. Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, visited with Democratic lawmakers in Columbia on Wednesday, saying that Dems needed to work to restore the faith of Southern voters. Source: P&C