The state will begin rolling out new state ID cards late this year or early next year as it works to comply with federal ID security measures passed after September 11, 2001. Source: P&C

Several big-ticket legislative items remain in the balance in the state legislature, including a roads bill, ‘Charleston loophole’ reform, medical marijuana, ethics reform, and a finalized state budget. Source: P&C, The State

A solution on the roads bill is partially left up to conference committee negotiators from the House and Senate, which will reconcile differences in versions passed in each chamber. Source: Greenville News

It appears that Gov. Henry McMaster and President Donald Trump, who McMaster endorsed early, differ on whether to raise state and federal gas taxes, respectively. That is, if you consider a reporter asking the president whether he’s “open to” something an indicative way to frame a policy question. Source: The State, Twitter


Democrats and Republicans in the 5th District head to the polls today for the primary to fill the vacancy left by Mick Mulvaney in Congress. Source: AP

After reports that he was being shuffled out of the Heritage Foundation last week, Jim DeMint’s future appears uncertain; several S.C. lawmakers have signed a letter in support of their former congressional colleague. DeMint resigned from the U.S. Senate in 2012 to take over the conservative think tank, but reports of divisions within the group precipitated by high-profile policy shortfalls from the all-Republican Congress and White House. Source: P&C

Congressman Jeff Duncan, one of the men supporting DeMint, calls a funding deal that keeps the government open through September “crap,” citing the issues of abortion, border security, and sanctuary cities. Source: P&C

A new report shows that public S.C. colleges and universities are among the least affordable for poor families of any state in the nation. Source: The State