Seven inmates were killed at a maximum security state prison in Bishopville during an hours-long fight inside the facility. 17 others were seriously injured. Many of the injuries appeared to be from homemade ‘shanks.’ Source: AP


P&C headline: “Building lawsuits instead of power plants”

Those who know Rep. Ralph Norman weren’t too surprised to hear that the Upstate congressman flashed a gun at a constituent meeting a couple weeks ago. Upstate political strategist Dave Woodard says he thought, ‘Yeah, that sounds like Ralph.’ Source: P&C

Former Gov. Nikki Haley’s sudden departure from S.C. politics has left state Republicans divided ahead of the party’s primary this summer. Source: The State

A state job-training program says that 70 percent of applicants vying for jobs at Volvo Cars in Berkeley County advance through the application and in-person interview process but fail their drug test. Source: P&C

32: The number of animals recovered from a dog fighting ring in Columbia. Source: P&C

Charleston public housing officials and the residents who depend on public housing are reportedly on the verge of a major transformation as the city’s federally-run public housing stock shifts to more local control. Source: P&C