[image-1] A Mt. Pleasant man has been charged in connection with a federal investigation of nearly $1 billion in Medicare fraud. The man’s companies, which supplied medical braces for patients who had been prescribed them by teledocs, was busted as part of an investigation that officials named “Operation Brace Yourself.” Source: P&C

The S.C. House passed the bill that would require Uber and Lyft drivers to have a lighted sign in the wake of USC student Samantha Josephson’s murder. Source: AP

A nurse in an Orangeburg emergency room was shot on Wednesday by a man who had been turned away for mental health care. The shooter reportedly went to the emergency department on Tuesday, carrying a gun. Authorities took the gun and said that he could come back for treatment on Friday. He came back the next day with a different gun and shot the nurse, who as of Wednesday afternoon was in critical condition. Source: AP

Two offshore drilling bills are being debated in the S.C. Statehouse — one for, one against. Neither bill would be able to become law until 2020. Source: P&C

SCE&G is warning customers about a scam claiming that a lawsuit was settled in their favor and that they would be receiving a $1,000 check if they call a number. While the lawsuit is real, customers who were affected were notified in other means. Source: Live 5

Nikki Haley, former U.N. Ambassador and S.C. Governor, has scored another book deal. Haley says it will focus on the behind the scenes of her time as a governor and ambassador. It will be her second book, and is still untitled, is expected in the fall 2019. Source: AP

The Clemson Peaches Team, which is apparently a thing, says that S.C.’s peaches survived the freezing weather at the end of March. Source: GSA Business