[image-1]Savannah not cruisin’
– Savannah City Council voted last week (P&C) to stop further work on a proposed cruise ship terminal. The Post and Courier called the move “savvy” in a Saturday editorial.

Snobby Charleston? – Some national travel magazine had the nerve (T+L) to rank Charleston as one of the nation’s snobbiest cities. Whatever.

Veronica – The U.S. Supreme Court may have rendered its opinion (P&C) on the Baby Veronica case, but the custody battle over the toddler continues as both her adoptive parents, a James Island couple, and the girl’s biological father vie for custody.

“Deja vu” on James Island? – P&C columnist Brian Hicks said Sunday that Town of James Island officials are working with local lawmakers to try to change state law to make it legal for the town to work with its public service district to establish de facto contiguity between non-contiguous properties in an effort to expand the town’s reach. Previous efforts to establish non-contiguous boundaries for the town have resulted in continued litigation by the City of Charleston and a State Supreme Court ruling that broke up the town.

DHEC regs – Environmentalists are digesting what kind of impact (State) a DHEC plan to loosen about 20 different environmental rules will have as part of a Gov. Nikki Haley plan to cut back on regs it says are burdens to businesses.

Haley’s running – Contrary to an earlier, veiled report that said Haley was keeping quiet about 2014 plans, The State’s Buzz column says “don’t buy the hype, Nikki Haley is running for re-election.”

Video poker coming back? – State Senator Robert Ford may be out of the Statehouse, but (apparently) that doesn’t mean video poker is dead (State).

CofC plan nixed – The State Budget and Control Board said ‘no’ to a plan (P&C) that would have allowed the College of Charleston to temporarily lease space at Fountain Walk, a multi-use complex near the Aquarium, while it renovated its existing Coming Street science building.

Bike shop shootingThree died over the weekend after a fight (P&C) inside a Dorchester Road motorcycle shop ended with 10-15 rounds fired, four men shot and three dead outside the shop where, just an hour earlier, a local youth group was holding a car wash.

Goose Creek smoking banSmoking is illegal beginning today (P&C) in public places in Goose Creek and places of employment.