BlueCross BlueShield, the only S.C. insurer covering Affordable Care Act policyholders, is asking for approval for a 33.4% premium increase next year as the company plans for Congress and the White House to cut subsidy payments initiated during the Obama administration to help low-income Americans get insurance. The proposed increase, which includes a premium increase on top of compensating for the eliminated subsidies, is one of the highest proposed in the nation. Source: P&C

Two years after the case was initially argued, the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled this week that most of the Episcopal churches that left the national diocese in 2012 cannot keep their valuable properties, including St. Michael’s and St. Philip’s downtown. The order sets up a “massive exchange of historic church capital in the region.” Source: S.C. Supreme Court, P&C

Some think that Boeing South Carolina may have the opportunity to build a new mid-range passenger jet if Boeing decides to commit to the development of a model between the 737 and 787. Source: P&C

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said yesterday that he’s not on board with President Donald Trump’s “merit-based” immigration proposal published this week, the proposal discussed exhaustively during yesterday’s White House press briefing by advisor Stephen Miller. Source: P&C, Politico

In addition to Catherine Templeton’s comments in support of the Confederacy yesterday, she also broke with Gov. Henry McMaster, whom she’s challenging for the GOP nomination, on the issue of bathroom access for transgender people. Templeton said Tuesday, and confirmed for the P&C, that she believes people should use the bathrooms that correspond to their birth sex. Source: P&C

Former S.C. Rep. Chris Corley will plead guilty to criminal domestic violence, according to his attorneys. That’s a lesser charge than the original aggravated domestic violence charge that followed the reported incident in which he hit and pointed a gun at his wife during an argument about infidelity. Source: AP

As fired workers from the Midlands nuclear plant project abandoned by electric utilities gathered at the Statehouse yesterday, a bi-partisan group of S.C. lawmakers want stockholders for SCE&G’s parent company to bear the billions of dollars owed for now-abandoned nuclear plants undertaken by SCE&G and the state utility Santee Cooper. Source: P&C