Gas prices are at their lowest levels over the Thanksgiving week since 2008, so officials say to expect delays on S.C. roadways this week. Extra state troopers will also be on patrol across the state. Source: T&D, The State, AP

The P&C’s Paul Bowers reports on widespread lapses in accountability within the Charleston County School District that led to millions in overspending which, combined with incorrect revenue projections, left the district with a $18.5 million budget deficit. Source: P&C

NYT Editorial: “America has just lived through another presidential campaign week dominated by Donald Trump’s racist lies.”

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s wife, family, and a few thousand close friends joined him at a rally in Myrtle Beach on Tuesday. As Poltico called it: “A family ‘Trumpsgiving.'” Source: Politico

Dashcam footage from a fatal October 2014 police shooting in Chicago in which a man was shot 16 times by a single officer is a “terribly disturbing” reminder of Walter Scott’s shooting in North Charleston earlier this year. The officer involved in the Chicago shooting was charged with murder Tuesday and the previously-unreleased video was released. Source: P&C

Chicago Reporter: “How Chicago tried to cover up a police execution”

Days after five Minneapolis Black Lives Matter activists were shot during a peaceful protest this week, supporters of the group in Charleston says they’re aware of the risks they take when demonstrating. Source: Star Tribune, P&C

Since the attacks in Paris, Congressman Mick Mulvaney says he’s hearing more accusations that a 30-year old Muslim community near York known as Islamville is actually a terrorist training camp. Verdict from Mulvaney after a visit Tuesday: “This is a group of law-abiding American citizens who are practicing their faith, and I saw no reason for anyone to see a threat.” Source: Rock Hill Herald

In Orangeburg, a man says his non-Muslim Indian-American son-in-law and his wife were the target of anti-Muslim attacks and harassing text messages. One message reportedly called the man’s daughter a “jihad loving bitch.” Source: WIS-TV