Our election issue is here. If you’re voting, via absentee ballot or in person, we’ve published our endorsements for the June 9 election. Source: Charleston City Paper

Class of 2020. Charleston seniors are graduating and heading into an unprecedented world with few opportunities, but a lot to celebrate. Source: Charleston City Paper

Police tactics questioned. Protests have raised new questions about the tactics used by police departments in the Charleston area, including the American Civil Liberties Union of South Carolina calling on law enforcement to apologize for their use of excessive force on Sunday night. Source: P&C

Charleston Police make national news. Charleston Police arrested a protester in the middle of an impassioned speech in Marion Square. The New York Times‘ references this arrest in an editorial advocating for American’s right to protest. Source: New York Times

Coronavirus in restaurants. In South Carolina, restaurants don’t have to tell the public if staff has tested positive for the coronavirus. Source: P&C