Shuck ’em while you got ’em: State wildlife regulators say that S.C. oyster harvesting season will end on May 15. Clams can continue to be harvested through May 31.

South Carolina Republicans have timidly endorsed presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump for president, though Congressmen Gowdy and Duncan, who had backed Ted Cruz, did not back Trump by name, promising only to support the Republican nominee. Source: McClatchy

The local NAACP criticized local school district plans to close small, majority-black schools as it tries to recover from an unexpected $18 million budget deficit. Source: P&C

A high school assistant principal in Kingstree may face criminal charges over his use of a chokehold to break up a fight and restrain a 15-year old student until she passed out. Source: P&C

About 20 former homeless residents of downtown’s tent city are left in a temporary shelter in North Charleston, and the city says they’re continuing to work with partners to find homes for the remaining residents. Source: P&C