The Agenda is our daily round up of news stories affecting South Carolina.

The future is still uncertain for the VC Summer nuclear expansion project, which has cost S.C. power companies some $8.6 billion, but at a similar project in Georgia, a recent guarantee by one of the companies involved could provide some assurances. Source: P&C, Aiken Standard

The Flats at Mixson, the Park Circle apartment complex that was forced to close last year over water intrusion issues will reopen as Link Apartments Mixson over the next few months after changing hands and undergoing renovations. Source: P&C

A state law that allows police to seize personal assets during a police investigation, including millions of dollars in cash, regardless of whether someone is facing charges is getting some increased scrutiny. Source: P&C

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, who says he ran out of names to call Donald Trump on the campaign trail, has become maybe one of his most unlikely supporters. Source: P&C

S.C. is now home to zero Fortune 500 companies after Fort Mill paper manufacturer Domtar fell out of the top 500. Source: P&C

Despite increased emphasis put on programs designed to help victims of rape and sexual assault on college campuses, many still go unreported. Source: P&C