A new Public Policy Polling survey out today shows Republican Donald Trump leading the field by just two percentage points, at 41 percent compared to Clinton at 39 percent. The same poll shows President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings well above Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and just behind Gov. Nikki Haley. Full results here. Source: P&C

The Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments is launching a new project aimed at working up a “master plan” for improving bike and pedestrian connections across the region. Source: P&C

Some 42,000 police officers from around the region could be brought into a class-action lawsuit against the Southern States Police Benevolent Association after the group’s apparent refusal to fund legal representation for Michael Slager in his murder trial, a benefit that dues-paying member would be entitled to receive, the suit says. Source: AP, P&C

A USC trustee slapped with a $75,000 fine for killing hawks preying on quail that lived on his Orangeburg property where he hunts is appealing the ruling, saying the judge in the case could be an unbiased “nature lover.” Source: The State

The state Board of Education has unanimously recommended new classifications for student behavior and school police officers’ roles in handling student discipline. On Sunday, the P&C’s Paul Bowers and Deanna Pan reported that while just 40 percent of CCSD students are African-American, they account for 85 percent of the students arrested and charged with “disturbing schools,” a misdemeanor that can carry a max 90-day jail term. Source: The State, AP, P&C