In an unexpected (but in retrospect totally predictable) flip-flop yesterday, House members voted to reject a bill they passed last week that would have expanded solar energy production in the state as local supporters of the measure including Republican Rep. Peter McCoy pleaded with voters, not energy companies lobbying against the measure. Source: The State, P&C

P&C columnist Brian Hicks on state Republicans raising hell over former Democratic candidate Dimitri Cherny running in a SCGOP primary: “In fact, compared to the political stunts pulled by South Carolina Republicans in just the past week or so, Cherny is a rank amateur.”

Mount Pleasant, the state’s fourth-largest city, passed the state’s strictest plastic bag ban yesterday even as the legislature debates banning locally-decided bag bans. Source: P&C

Greenville city officials also voted this week to oppose efforts to expand drilling off the S.C. coast. Source: Greenville News

The thirteen (!) candidates running to replace Congressman Trey Gowdy, who is leaving Congress because he hates the obsession with winning in Congress, proved yesterday that they’ll all do anything to win, vowing to not accept money or an endorsement from establishment, pro-business U.S. Chamber of Congress. Source: P&C

S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson on requests to charge Congressman Ralph Norman after he pulled out a gun during a constituent meeting last week: “Our conclusion must be based upon the law and sound prosecutorial discretion. In this case, this is not a prosecutable offense.”