South Carolina’s teen birth rate has fallen to its lowest level in 25 years. Source: AP

The P&C reports that a series of issues have piled up related to a network of secretive rural camps are one tool that the embattled state Department of Juvenile Justice uses to help ‘wayward teens.’ Source: P&C

As the details of the multi-billion abandoned nuclear plant project unravel, The State reports that S.C. power companie have pumped nearly $300,000 to S.C. politicians since 2005, bankrolling campaigns for the lawmakers who oversee their operation. Source: The State

Meanwhile, Gov. Henry McMaster is trying to get lawmakers on board with his proposal to sell Santee Cooper after it ran up $4.3 billion in bills associated with the failed nuclear project. His principal primary opponents have criticized the move to sell. Source: P&C

P&C report: “All of South Carolina’s Republicans in Washington took gun lobby money last year”

Former Vice President Joe Biden has announced his support for state Rep. James Smith in the Democrat’s run for governor next year. Source: P&C