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A new ordinance banning distributing sampling along King and Market street sidewalks went into effect on Wednesday. Councilman Harry Griffin was the sole vote against the measure. Source: P&C

Turns out that nearly one of every $6 that Richland County plans to spend on roadway projects will benefit the University of South Carolina. Source: The State

A former Florence County sheriff who already pleaded guilty to stealing public money pleaded guilty to criminal domestic violence on Wednesday. Source: AP

P&C headline: “Coastal Carolina to host BYU Saturday after COVID-19 issues in Liberty program”

$311.5 million: The amount that remote and online retailers collected in S.C. sales and use taxes between Nov. 1, 2019 and Oct. 31, 2020. Source: Columbia Business Report

N.Y. Times headline: “1 Percent of P.P.P. Borrowers Got Over One-Quarter of the Loan Money”