1st District primary enters final stretch
With less than a week before the special primary in the 1st District election to replace now-Sen. Tim Scott, the candidates are making their last-second pitches to Lowcountry candidates in preparation for the Tuesday contest.
Sources: Post and Courier
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  • Paul Roof

South Carolina could become homefront for immigration reform
Pro-immigration reform groups are joining to tackle immigration reform in the Palmetto State, where the state’s demographics, culture, and politics could make reform attempts a bellweather for other states in the nation.
Sources: New York Times, The Hill, Post and Courier

Charleston among the fastest growing areas in the nation
The tri-county Charleston Metro area ranked as the 12th-fastest-growing metropolitan area in the nation coming out of the recession, with Berekeley and Dorchester Counties ranking among the top-100 fastest growing counties and Charleston not far behind.
Sources: Post and Courier

State Senate rejects idea of appointing schools chief
A measure that would jump start a constitutional change to appoint, rather than elect, the state superintendent of schools failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority in the state Senate to move the proposal forward, but supporters say they’ll try the vote again.
Sources: Associated Press

Alice Boland indicted in Ashley Hall incident
In a federal indictment handed down Wednesday, investigators say Alice Boland decieved the legal Walterboro gun dealer where she bought the .22-caliber pistol when answering required questiona about her mental health during the buying process.
Sources: Post and Courier, Live 5 News