SC-1 – We’d like to condense everything that happened over the weekend down into a couple sentences, but there was just too much:
1) Sanford “challenged” Elizabeth Colbert Busch to join him at 15 campaign appearances this week. Colbert Busch “indicated she would not.” (P&C) NBC’s Chuck Todd responded tweeting, “It’s never candidates who are winning who ‘offer’ to campaign with their rival.”
2) VoteVets has cut an ad featuring a retired S.C. Guardsman who criticizes Sanford, saying he “abandoned his post.” (National Journal)
3) The P&C has a profile of Green Party candidate Eugene Platt, who says he hopes to earn 10% of the vote on May 7.
4) Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker, writing with a Charleston dateline, focused this weekend’s nationally-syndicated column on Sanford: “Forgiving a cheater requires spousal permission”. The P&C went with a less ambiguous headline: “The last straw for Sanford as a candidate”. (The Holy City’s bizarre murder-for-hire love triangle story also gets a plug, so we’ve got that going for us… which is nice.)
5) Sanford published a full page ad on page A3 in Sunday’s Post and Courier, conceding, “It’s been a rough week, and so I wanted to write to address both Wednesday’s news and the new incoming attacks by Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC.” Sanford went on to publish his personal cell phone number (verified by former Sanford Chief of Staff Scott English.)

Bottoms up? – Turns out the state’s decision to move away from mini-bottles (P&C) a few years back has not increased revenue for rehab programs or cut down on DUIs.

Empty $chools – Charleston County School District has been spending (P&C) nearly $500,000 a year maintaining five mostly vacant, unused schools across the county.

#chsrunsforboston – Hundreds turned out yesterday for an informal 5K in memorial of those affected by last week’s Boston Marathon bombings.

Unemployment down – South Carolina announced its lowest unemployment rate (State/AP) in at least four years on Friday, down to 8.4% in March from 8.6% in February.