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Republican state Sen. John Courson, who has represented downtown Columbia since 1985, was indicted today on charges that he converted campaign funds for personal use. The indictment alleges that Courson paid Richard Quinn and Associates nearly $250,000 and the firm passed $133,000 of that money back to Courson over multiple transactions between 2006-2012. Former Common Cause leader John Crangle, who said he was “dumbfounded” by the of the indictment, adding that he considers Courson a friend, and that such surprising news points to “the huge and persistent corruptive power of money in this state.” Source: The State, P&C

Congressmen Mark Sanford was one of 17 dissenting votes (three Republican), on an initial committee vote on the Republican-backed health care bill designed to replace the Affordable Care Act. Source: P&C, Roll Call

The State headline: “SC education takes a hit in Trump’s budget”

Look for a realigned road plan and more parking at the airport under a $133 million plan approved this week by the county aviation authority. Source: P&C

Charleston fire chief Karen Brack announced plans to resign the post she’s held for five years today. Source: Live 5

Some downtown property owners aren’t too happy that city staff are proposing restricting some local parcels from being redeveloped as hotels. Source: P&C