Documents released by Santee Cooper this week show that the state-owned power company tried urging privately-held SCE&G to address issues with the VC Summer nuclear project as problems became more apparent. Altogether, the two companies spent $9 billion on the now-abandoned project. Source: The State, P&C

The latest forecast for Irma shows the storm now predicted to sweep west after traveling up the Florida peninsula, tempering Charleston’s risk for a direct hit, but leaving open the possibility that the storm’s strong eastern edge could rake across the Lowcountry. Evacuation orders could still come today as planned. Source: P&C


In the run-up to the storm, Comcast has made its Charleston-area hotspots open to the public. Search for hotspots near you with their online tool. Source: CRBJ

State Sen. Tom Davis says he won’t become the fourth person to enter the Republican primary for governor next year, contending he can be more effective in the legislature, but conceding that reform-minded governors without legislative support can’t get much accomplished.” Davis would have been running against incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster, firebrand Republican Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant, and former state agency director Catherine Templeton. Source: P&C

Davis op-ed today: “Why I’m not running for governor”

U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott split their votes on a package that would have raised the debt ceiling temporarily and voted to fund Hurricane Harvey relief. Graham voted against, Scott voted for. Source: P&C, NYT