[image-1] State health officials sound alarm. After reporting almost 1,000 cases yesterday (987), state epidemiologist Linda Bell warned that everyone has to do their part and “this virus does not take a day off.” Source: P&C

DHEC changes reporting. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control is now also reporting probable COVID-19 cases and deaths. They are the 23rd state to follow the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendation. Source: Columbia Regional Business Report

West Virginia cases linked to Myrtle Beach. West Virginia has issued a warning for those traveling to Myrtle Beach after clusters of cases were linked to the area. Source: WBTW TV

Rideshare changes. A new law has taken affect that requires rideshare drivers to have a placard on the front of the vehicle with the license plate information. The Samantha L. Josephson Risesharing Safety Act written and named after a University of South Carolina student, Samantha Josephson, was murdered after she got into a car posing as an Uber. Source: WISTV

McCoy confirmed. On Thursday, former state Rep. Peter McCoy was unanimously confirmed to be the next U.S. Attorney for the state. Source: P&C