Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

[image-1] More tests. South Carolina’s Department of Heath and Environmental Control announced plans to ramp up testing for the coronavirus yesterday. They will first be testing vulnerable communities, including 40,000 residents and employees of nursing homes; hiring contact tracers; and have hired a private firm to help conduct tests. Source: P&C

Save the open date. Gov. Henry McMaster announced yesterday that they want to announce more opening dates as soon as by the end of the week. Source: The State

Brr. A polar vortex is bringing cold air and winter-like conditions to the north east, including the chance of rare May snow. Source: Washington Post

Cool. In Charleston we will get some cool weather to enjoy before things heat back up. Source: Chswx

Jobs. South Carolina’s Department of Employment and Workforce announced jobless claims dropped last week. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, they have received unemployment claims from approximately 8.79 percent of the population. Source: Live 5