Photo by Syed F Hashemi on Unsplash

FDA could issue emergency authorization for Pfizer vaccine. Emergency approval for the U.S.’s first COVID-19 vaccine by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could come as early as Saturday, kicking off a complex distribution plan coordinated by health authorities, hospitals and pharmacies that could last months. Source: The Washington Post

South Carolina gang members ordered murders, ran drug empires from prison, prosecutors claim. A federal grand jury indicted 40 in the state’s largest RICO case on record, alleging that imprisoned members of the Insane Gangster Disciples orchestrated the beating, kidnapping and murder of those threatening their $50 million-per-year drug trafficking operation. Source: P+C

Utah senator nixes plans for Latino, women’s museums. U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, blocked the creation of Smithsonian museums honoring women and Latinos under the pretense that they would only serve to worsen societal divides. Source: The New York Times

S.C. Ports sets records amid global trade rebound. The South Carolina Port Authority had a strong November as container, vehicle and inland ports volumes climbed and loaded imports increased by nearly 13 percent. Source: Charleston Business Journal

S.C. Republican Congressmen support lawsuit to overturn election. Five U.S. House Republicans from South Carolina expressed their support for a Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn Biden’s electoral win last month. Source: WBTW TV