Charleston County School Board voted 5-4 to reverse course yesterday on a pay raise they passed for themselves two weeks ago. Source: P&C

Charleston County has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the state alleging breach of contract related to I-526. Source: P&C

After threatening to vote against the latest Obamacare repeal efforts without assurances that his health care proposals would be considered yesterday, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham went along with his Republican colleagues on a measure that ultimately failed to garner support from Sen. John McCain, killing the bill. Sen. Tim Scott also voted for the proposal. Source: P&C, WaPo, NYT

Graham is also saying that President Donald Trump could cause himself a whole pile of new problems if Attorney General Jeff Sessions (a former Senate colleague of Graham) or special counsel Robert Mueller find themselves fired soon. Source: CNN, Politico

State Ports Authority President Jim Newsome sent a 1,000+ word email to SPA colleagues this week disagreeing with former DHEC director Catherine Templeton’s account of her brief stint at the port in which she was critical of SPA finances. Templeton is now running for the Republican nomination for governor against incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster. Source: P&C, The State

The S.C. attorney general and attorneys representing a domestic violence victim are asking the State Supreme Court to clarify state domestic violence law affected by a recent ruling that sought to provide equal protection for same-sex victims of domestic violence. Source: P&C, AP

State prosectors say felony domestic violence charges against former state Rep. Chris Corley are too serious to drop or reduce despite a request by his wife, who the ex-GOP rep. is accused of beating. Source: AP

Citadel graduate Randy Bresnik will launch into space today to take command of the International Space Station. Source: P&C

Worth reading: The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza recounts a phone call from new White House communications director in which he provided some, let’s call it ‘colorful,’ commentary on his colleagues. Source: The New Yorker