A look at the Chick-fil-A franchisee who Scott says shaped his future
One of the first people Rep. Tim Scott thanked when being introduced as Jim DeMint’s replacement on Monday was North Charleston Chick-fil-A franchise operator John Moniz, who he says was his mentor as he grew up and struggled in school. The State talks with Moniz’s widow about what her husband saw in the future U.S. senator.
Sources: The State
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Statehouse proposals look to allow guns in classrooms, make Obamacare a felony
Bills prefiled ahead of next month’s new legislative session provide a glimpse into the priorities of what will be debated in the Statehouse in the coming months. A bill by S.C. Rep. Bill Chumley of Woodruff would declare the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional and make implementation of the 2010 law a federal offense. A proposal by Florence Rep. Philip Lowe would allow some school employees to bring guns into South Carolina schools, a response, Lowe says, to last week’s shootings in Newtown, CT.
Sources: Bill would make Affordable Care Act implementation a felony (P&C)
Proposal would let some teachers carry guns(the State)
Senate to propose ethics reforms (The State)

The Rarebit, The Ordinary open to high praise
We take a look at The Rarebit and The Ordinary, new spots on Upper King that have had Holy City foodies’ mouths watering in anticipation and are now open. The Rarebit, a mid-60s pub/diner with an expansive specialty drink menu which serves breakfast all day, opened on Saturday. Mike Lata and Adam Nemirow’s The Ordinary cracked its first official oyster at 3pm yesterday.
Sources: The Rarebit makes a big first impression (CP)
Lata and Nemirow ply the local waters for the Ordinary Oyster Hall (CP)

SCE&G gets approval to raise rates next month
South Carolina Electric and Gas, the area’s largest electric provider, has received approval to raise its rates 1.8%, or about $97 million statewide beginning next month—a substantially smaller increase than the original $151.5 million originally requested.
Sources: Post and Courier
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Mother of of 1988 Greenwood shooter reflects on parallels to Newtown
The mother of a 19-year old man who killed two third-grade girls in a 1988 Greenwood school shooting looks back on the time since then and what she felt on Friday hearing about the similar Newtown shooting.
Sources: Post and Courier

Richland election fiasco could have statewide impact
Long lines and a shortage of voting machines in Richland County, caused apparently by misadministration on the part of county officials, could prompt state lawmakers to take action to put elections in the hands of state officials instead.
Sources: The State
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Columbia Free Times parent company sells to investor who plans to relocate
Columbia’s alt-weekly the Free Times has a new owner after being sold by its Charlottesville, VA-based parent company to Resorts Media, owned by Charlie Nutt, who says he and his wife will move to from New Jersey to Columbia to run the paper, which is currently in its 24th year of operation.
Sources: The State

Citadel’s ReVille investigation delayed
After one of the investigation firms hired by The Citadel to look into the school’s handling of child sexual abuse crimes by Skip ReVille became too expensive, the school says the investigation could be delayed by three months. School officials had hoped to finish the inquiry by the end of the year.
Sources: Post and Courier