[image-1]The Sheriff’s Office says a security lapse led to a fellow inmate being able to have access to Dylann Roof during Thursday morning’s assault at the Al Cannon Detention Center. Source: The State

Libertarian and Constitution Party candidate for Senate Bill Bledsoe says he’s holding ‘long-gun rallies’ across the state. Source: Rock Hill Herald

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham on Trump: “Your opponent right now, Mr. Trump, is yourself.”

Today You Learned: Woody Holton, the father of VP candidate Tim Kane’s wife Anne Holton, is a historian at the University of South Carolina. Source: NYT

County elections officials say a hearing will be scheduled after a complaint was submitted claiming that Republican state House candidate William Cogswell Jr. is not a resident of House District 110, where he is running for office. Source: P&C

$70 million: The amount a proposed special tax district could raise to finance infrastructure repairs and upkeep along Sam Rittenberg Blvd., part of the city’s efforts to ‘revitalize’ West Ashley. Source: P&C

Most of the properties put up for sale by the City of North Charleston in an effort to replenish city coffers after the multimillion settlement with Walter Scott’s family failed to draw bids that reached the properties’ assessed values. Council says it reserves the right to reject low bids. Source: P&C