Solicitor Scarlett Wilson says that DOJ prosecutors and the federal court ignored the state’s requests when scheduling the federal trial for accused Emanuel shooter Dylann Roof and that the trial, set to start in early November, is bad timing for jurors, victims, and their families. Source: P&C, AP

Glitches in new gate system at the Wando Welch Terminal in Mount Pleasant sent container trucks backed up on I-526 for miles yesterday. Source: SC Radio Network

College of Charleston athletic director Joe Hull, who has led CofC athletics since 2007, will leave at the end of this year when his contract runs out. Source: P&C

Both U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott voted against measures yesterday that would have instituted universal background checks for gun buyers and banned gun sales to people on terrorist watch and ‘no fly’ lists. Graham and Scott voted in favor of GOP-crafted provisions that would have put up “more modest barriers” to tighten gun regulations. All four measures failed to get enough support to progress. Scott says he voted against the measures to protect the Second Amendment and due process of law. Graham said he supports fighting Islamic extremists instead of changing gun laws. Graham: “There are no ‘Bubbas’ on this list.” Source: McClatchy, P&C

A 22-year old woman and her father were arrested downtown over the weekend for an incident in which the woman snatched a couple Confederate flags off a truck at the Battery during a Secessionist Party flag display. James Bessenger, the separatist party’s founder, gave chase and was blocked by the woman’s father. Source: P&C