Soon after the new Star Wars trailer was unveiled yesterday, Japan’s All Nippon Airways unveiled plans for an R2-D2-themed Dreamliner. The jet is one of ANA’s new 787-9s, one of the planes produced by Boeing South Carolina. The tail number of the plane in the unveiling video appears to be tied to the North Charleston facility, but an ANA spokesman tells us that “it is not confirmed yet which ship will be painted.” Source: ANA

A permit filed with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on a Berkeley County project whose codename translates to “Project Safety” could indicate interest from another major auto manufacturer like Volvo, which is reportedly looking for a new manufacturing site in the U.S. The permit indicates that the new development could employ 4,000 workers. Source: P&C

Rev. Jesse Jackson visited the area on Thursday, stopping by the site of Walter Scott’s shooting death and, along with local activists, issued a call for a federal inquiry into past police shootings in North Charleston. Jackson also spoke to a crowd of about 200 people gathered at the Longshoremen’s hall on Morrison Drive. Source: P&C

The attorney representing Feidin Santana, who filmed Scott’s shooting, said that news organizations will have to pay his client to license the in order to play it on their air, explaining that at some point, playing the video on TV goes beyond fair use and becomes a ploy by the media to cash in on their own. Source: NYT

Without a law shielding the name of the supplier of drugs used in state-sponsored execution, South Carolina may have to put off future executions. A Supreme Court case pending could affect the state’s decision on how to proceed. Source: P&C, AP

The International Association of Machinists withdrew its petition for a vote next week to organize Boeing South Carolina workers today. Machinists representatives say they were threatened at gunpoint and met with hostile opposition during door-to-door visits this week in an effort to assess union support. Under federal labor rules, the IAM can’t file for another union vote for six months. Source: P&C

Response to a city bicycling survey surpassed its goal by 30 percent, the Post and Courier reports, as the city works on refining plans for how to retrofit the historic city for safe bike traffic. Source: P&C