The grand jury report from the long-running Statehouse corruption probe will be released. Judge Clifton Newman has ordered the release of the report and gave attorneys until Friday to offer suggestions on what should be redacted. Source: AP

Florence police officer Terrence Carraway, 52, died in the line of duty on Thursday after police officers came under fire. A total of seven officers were shot after a standoff with a suspect who held two children hostage for more than two hours. The man is now in custody. Source: New York Times / AP

The S.C. Legislature has voted to overrule Gov. McMaster and restore money to the budget to help pay for damages from disasters, including the 2014 ice storm, the thousand year flood in 2015, and Hurricane Irma in 2017. Source: AP

The state legislature also upheld McMaster’s veto and turned down $14 million in federal money for health care services as part of  McMaster’s plan to defund Planned Parenthood. The organization received only $82,000 last year for non-abortion services, including birth control, gynecological exams, and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Source: The Charlotte Observer / The State

A police-issued flashlight with racist symbols was found in fired North Charleston police officer Leroy Hair’s vehicle. The flashlight had been etched with the symbol for the Nazi SS and the words “The Wig Splitter.” Hair was arrested and accused of using excessive force in 2016 but denies knowing the origin of the flashlight. It is not known who carved the symbols. Source: P&C