Tides cause flooding across downtown
The positioning of the moon, combined with high tides and rains across much of the area, triggered flooding across the city during rush hour Thursday morning.
Sources: Post and Courier

Locals weigh in on development of Post and Courier lot
The Charleston Department of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability held a meeting Thursday to discuss major development on 12 acre lot where the Post and Courier offices now sit.
Sources: Post and Courier

S.C. faces military cuts with or without sequestration
The state Military Base Task Force was told this week, whether or not the state’s military sees cuts through sharp budget cuts planned after the first of the year, S.C. may face an additional round of cuts.
Sources: The State

Court upholds ‘papers please’ portion of S.C. immigration law
While striking down parts of the state’s strict immigration law, on a second review by a federal judge this week, the controversial portion of the state’s new law that allows law enforcement to request proof of immigration status was upheld.
Sources: New York Times, Post and Courier, AP

Haley nixes idea of state health insurance exchange
Gov. Nikki Haley told HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in a letter Thrusday that S.C. would not participate in the state-based Affordable Care Act health exchange system, that objecting to the bureaucracy that it would require.
Sources: WIS-TV/AP, S.C. Radio Network, Post and Courier/Washington Post