Gov. Nikki Haley’s campaign cut a web video for their website that knocks her assumed Democratic opponent state Sen. Vincent Sheheen for his stance on abortion, highlighting a campaign event hosted by a board member of a pro-choice group. Sheheen did not answer Haley’s critique of his supposed policy position, instead returning fire citing an article that called out S.C. over education cuts. [The State, USA Today]

On Tuesday, Charleston City Council approved a first reading of a texting-while-driving ban. P&C warns, “Charleston City Council’s texting-while-driving ban drops the hammer on just about every e-phone feature except talking.” Their e-words, not ours. [P&C]

Fire spread through eight historic buildings on Georgetown’s Front Street Wednesday morning, destroying the oldest buildings left on the town’s picturesque waterfront main street. Some in Georgetown worry that the fire could further devastate the already fragile economy in the city, which is largely dependent on tourism and heavy industry, which itself has been lagging in recent years. [Sun News, Georgetown Times, P&C]

Federal figures released on Wednesday give S.C. residents an early look at what they can expect to pay for health insurance in new federally-managed state exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. Keep an eye out for a more in-depth report from the CP soon. [AP, P&C]

South Carolina is the worst state in the nation for violence against women, specifically the number of women murdered by men, according to a new Violence Policy Center. [AP]

Lawyers for the Capobiancos and Dusten Brown met Wednesday to discuss whether Brown and the Native American tribe he belongs to should be responsible for the Capobiancos costs while they awaited Brown’s compliance with a Charleston court order to turn over his 4-year-old daughter to her adoptive parents. Brown’s attorney: “I really think that the best thing for everybody is to tell their lawyers to go away,” urging the two parties to begin the healing process from the protracted custody battle. [P&C]

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