A federal judge has ordered the state pay more than $135,000 in legal fees to Colleen Condon and her partner Nichols Bleckley, a gay couple who challenged the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Attorney General Alan Wilson argued against the couple’s request, saying that state prosecutors were just doing their job to defend the constitutional ban. Source: AP, P&C

Hartsville packaging company Sonoco has been slapped with a $230,000 fine, the largest DHEC fine in a decade, for an unapproved coal ash dump near its headquarters. The 14 acre site is about 35 feet high and was previously used to store the biproduct of coal burned for energy before it was sold off for use in bricks and cement. That recycling market has dried up, leaving the publicly traded Fortune 500 company with a mound of the potentially hazardous ash sitting in an unlined dump the company has agreed with DHEC to leave in place and cap with a synthetic liner. Source: The State

Lesser-reported legislation passed during this year’s session includes a series of laws in support of the state’s military residents, a move that some believe will give S.C. an edge during the next round of military downsizing. Source: The State


The Coast Guard has officially commissioned its newest Legend-class national security cutter, the Joshua James, which will be home ported in Charleston. It’s the second Legend-class cutter to be delivered to Charleston in as many years, with the 418-foot ships that carry a crew of about 110, replacing a pair of 45-year old cutters previously based at the downtown port. Source: AP, SC Radio

Confederate flags are set to return to Fort Sumter, but in a less conspicuous location than before the Mother Emanuel shooting, when two historical flags of the Confederacy flew above the fort alongside the stars and bars. Source: P&C

Herbert Fielding, the first black candidate elected to the S.C. State House since Reconstruction and whose family has owned and operated Fielding Home for Funerals for a century, died on Monday at the age of 92. We profiled Fielding last spring, when he reflected on his time in school in Europe and learning the family trade. Source: P&C, CP

In 2016 news: Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has reportedly stopped paying his South Carolina staff as his poll numbers drop and fundraising lags. Source: AP

New Charleston County Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait has taken her post on the school board, but activists and leaders from black churches in the area spoke at the group’s meeting on Monday, reiterating their concerns that the issues of African-American school kids aren’t being considered by the board. Source: Live 5, P&C